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Thanks for stopping by this Lake Toxaway architect blog.  Lake Toxaway is a beautiful area in Western North Carolina, with one of the largest and most scenic high mountain lakes in the region.  The lake was formed by a land developer’s dam almost a century ago, and has since been replaced.  The lake is still here and serves as a spectacular backdrop to some of the nicest homes in this resort mountain area.

Lake Toxaway is a favorite vacation destination for people from Florida, South Carolina, Atlanta, New York, Pennsylvania, the Virginias and other places that are either too hot or too cold at various seasons of the year, when people would prefer a more temperate and scenic environment.

Lake Toxaway was made famous more than a century ago by Edison, Firestone and Ford, who used to meet here to discuss their plans for the industrialization of America and the world.  This special place in the mountains seems to be a tonic for the spirit; many captains of industry come here to establish their special aeries in the nooks and crannies around this unique mountain lake.

The land around the lake is quite expensive, often $1.5 million for 1/2 acre +/- right on the lake, if you can find an available lot.  This land has been picked over for more than 50 years, so finding a bargain really isn’t the way business is normally done.  If you want something nice here, you pay for it.  One of the few real estate brokers familiar with this area is Merry Soellner.  If there are any good deals to be had, she will know about it.  See below for a link to her real estate website (or click on her name in the line above).

Lake Toxaway architects are rare, and HOME ARCHITECTS ® has its senior architect, Rand Soellner Architect, ArCH, NCARB. M.A. Arch, LHI, waiting to serve you.  This company has designed several nice homes around this special lake.  Their design work has been featured in books and magazines globally, and some of those include homes  around Lake Toxaway.

We hope you will consider visiting this beautiful area.  It is right on US Highway 64, which runs from North Carolina nearly due west, through several states, so finding this special place is not too difficult, if you get on the right road.  Water runs downhill, so finding a substantial body of water up in the mountains is rare.  So rare, in fact that this particular one was man-made.  Views of the water are, of course, the most desirable feature of living around there, in addition to views of the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains.  Rand Soellner works to help his clients obtain the views they very much desire.  Sometimes, he actually has negotiated partial vegetative clearing and pruning from people who own lands in the way of his client properties, to provide a view that would otherwise be hidden.

The best time to visit the area is from spring through fall.  Autumn is a magical time around here, with vibrant reds, golds and oranges of the turning leave painting the mountain slopes with glorious streaks of color.  Winter has its own stark beauty, although most of the snowfalls are not typically substantial.

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